SUN FRESHPassion for people.
Passion for food.


What it means to be Sun Fresh

We at Sun Fresh dedicate in ourselves in understanding and fulfilling the 「passion for food」and the needs of each and every customer who walks through our doors. 
We Sun Fresh group take utmost care in delivering only the freshest, most high quality and most delicious vegetable and fruits when they are at their most delicious time to our valued customers. Feel at ease knowing that every product purchased from our stores are selectively sourced from our proud partners and delivered to our shops the next they are harvested for maximum freshness. 
Even if they are sourced from our proud partners, to ensure the freshness, quality, safety and taste, a sample is taken from all our products at the most delicious time of the season and tasted by of professional staff and buyers before it is put on our shelves.
We Sun Fresh hereby adhere to our declarations and promise in providing only the best for our customers.

Brand Concept

Passion for people. Passion for food.

Caring for your loved ones.
Praying for their good health.
Expressing your gratitude.

At Sun Fresh Group, we take your passion for food seriously.
With fresh vegetables and tasty fruits, great conversation and smiles.

It is our mission to serve your needs with all the care and attention you deserve.



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